Plano Secuencia Scenography & Props Planosecuencia

Renting and Building of Props and Scenography for Cinema, TV, Theater, Advertising and Events.

About Us

Plano Secuencia Scenography & Props was born from the culmination of years of experience in Cinema and T.V. Production design. Based in Madrid, Spain, Plano Secuencia offers integral solutions for Art Direction.

From Production Design, conceptual sketching, architectural plans, 3D generated images and making models, to set construction both indoor and outdoor, including props hire and making according to production needs.

Plano Secuencia provides a large props catalog for cinema, television, theater, advertising and events decoration. In our upholstery, carpentry, locksmith and painting studios, we supply services to produce any kind of props, both designed by our own team or by clients.

From huge cinema sets decorated, with thousands of people involved, to setting of specific rooms atmospheres and events.

Our large experience in Art Direction and Props hire allow us to approach any project supported by a solid knowledge about production design, and a huge and great collection of specic props of all ages: furniture, structures, paintings, objects...

Come to visit our head office in Madrid and find what your production needs.

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Download our PDF guide of props

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