Plano Secuencia Scenography & Props Planosecuencia

Renting and Building of Props and Scenography for Cinema, TV, Theater, Advertising and Events.


Upholstery in furniture, curtains, moldings, tails, ceillings, flags, banners... and camps and tents building for cinema industry has meaning much of our profession for several decades, both in cinema, tv, theater, advertising and events. The unclassifiable and great experience of Emilio Ardura Ruiz within the sector allows Plano Secuencia Scenography & Props to approach any project which requires professional upholstery with full guarantees. In our upholstery studio we design all kind of unique camps and tents of all sizes, besides some other different structures for audiovisual productions and events. Props upholstery is also one of our main services, in addition to daily development of all kind of designs by features and budgets.

We provide, moreover, a great and large collection of hundreds of all kind of fabrics, by colours and textures, most of them unique, specially from 1950, 1960 and 1970. Our camps, draperies, upholstered and tents have starred many sets and are proof of our dedication.

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